Why Use Us?


 At Precision Masonry, we are always “Striving for Perfection”.  Many masonry companies are only interested in ‘getting the job done’.  For them, it’s a matter of completing the job as quickly as possible so they can get to the next job.   At Precision Masonry, we are interested in completing the job in a timely manner, but never at the expense of quality.  For us, it’s never about speed, it's about doing the job right. 


We believe in handling the small details of a project better than most companies handle the large details.  Will the contractor you choose properly joint your block foundation; or joint it at all?  We will. Will your foundation blocks need prefabricated joint reinforcement installed; will your contractor even know?  We will.  Will they use Type N, S, or M mortar?  Will they know the difference?  We will. Will your contractor know the ASTM PSI rating of blocks and mortars? Will they even know what you're talking about? We will. How many anchor bolts will they place in your foundation?  Will they use enough wall ties, in the correct way, and properly (ASTM) spaced?  We will. 


There are numerous other items to consider when building your home or business.  Your investment is too significant to leave in the hands of a company who isn’t interested in the small details.  Let us go over your prints with you and show you why Precision Masonry is not only the right choice, but very possibly the only choice.